BestCatch Fish Share Policies

In order to clear up some of the details, the following are our policies regarding the fish share agreement between subscribers and BestCatch Seattle.*As a formality you will have to agree to these terms in order to set up your Farmigo account.


For the fish share price of $25 you will receive  1# of filleted fish on average, sometimes slightly more or less depending on market price and species and how the fish fillet out. 100% of the fish will be sourced from Washington State.  There is a very slight chance that some weeks there will not be fish available due to weather and or seasonal closures.  In such rare occurrences you will be notified well ahead of time and credited for that week’s delivery.

Pick up

You will be responsible for picking up your fish share during your pickup spot's designated time slot.  If it is not picked up on time it will be donated to the site host or local food bank. If you contact us by phone at least 4 days prior to your pickup date we can suspend your share for the week.


We use a system called Farmigo to manage your account and payments. When you sign up to BestCatch Seattle you are making a commitment to support the full fish season, but you will be offered a choice of payment installments to suit your preference. You will be able to set up a personal account with Farmigo where you can monitor and edit your fish share subscription, make payments and track your history. We accept MasterCard, Visa, electronic check and personal check sent by mail. Upon sign up, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your share details such as pickup location and start date.   


Fish shares are generally non-refundable, however we will issue refunds in special situations on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks for your support… Get ready to taste the best fish the ocean has to offer!

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