Here at Bestcatch Seattle our motto is simple - What’s caught in Washington should stay in Washington!







We have the most amazing fish in the world and more and more of our Washington-caught fish is being frozen and shipped out. We believe, this local treasure should be honored by keeping it fresh and local. To this end, we get fish only from Washington fishermen who use sustainable methods. We then whisk the fresh catch into Seattle, usually a day after it was caught!






Since 2010, we have been selling fish to top Seattle restaurants (Canlis, Sitka + Spruce and others) through our sister outfit Northwest Bounty Wild Foods. And now for the first time you can have this fish delivered to your neighborhood with our community supported fish-share: Bestcatch Seattle. It works just like a community supported farm - you and others in your neighborhood invest in a certain amount of “shares” and then you pick up your “dividend” or portion of fish each week from a centrally located pickup spot.









What makes Bestcatch Seattle the best choice?


  • Fresh

The freshest Alaska fish possible is usually at best 4 days old. On many occasions our dayboater will have caught your fish less than 24 hours prior to when you get it! Of course it’s best to eat it promptly but because of the uber-fresh nature of our fish, it will still taste amazing even if you have to wait several days before cooking it. You will see and taste the difference of super fresh wild line-caught fish from the cool clean Washington waters.



  • Sustainable

We support small scale family fishermen using line-caught techniques. These fishermen catch a fraction of the fish that Alaskan fishermen catch. Our fishermen are under tight supervision and quotas to ensure fish stock sustainability. While we also follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood watch program, local fisheries have their own intricacies and nuances, so we take it one step further and thoroughly investigate the sustainability of each species we will bring you, so YOU don’t have to. The day before each delivery we will tell you where the fish was caught, when it was caught, with what method and the sustainability profile of that particular species. That’s Transparency with a capital “T”!



  • Local

All of our fish comes from less than 200 miles away from icy, pristine waters off the Northern Washington Coast. Not a portion, or some, but ALL! This means the money stays in Washington and is re-spent at Washington businesses. It means that your fish is packed in ice until you pick it up – Never put in a fridge or stored in a warehouse or blasted off on a carbon spewing jet. This means you are supporting small-scale sustainable fishing practices and fishermen as well as the towns that support them. You are keeping and showing a connection to the place your food is coming from.

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